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Start-up and Leadership Coach/Consultant who specializes in Technology Start-ups.



Marketing Coach who specializes in Service-Based Businesses.



Start-up, Management and Leadership Coach/Consultant who specializes in the Restaurant Industry. 



Business Consultant who specializes in Effective Business Practices.



 Tax and FInance Consultant who specializes in Service Based Businesses.



Holistic Psychotherapist who specializes in Personal Development .



Digital Marketing Consultant who specializes in Branding, Strategy and Implementation.



Business Coach/Consultant who specializes in Mindset and Copywriting Techniques.



Life and Business Coach who specializes in Mindset and Time Management.



Marketing Coach who specialises in Social Media.




 Are you looking for a consultant who can help you with your business or starting a business? Contact us and our friendly team will be happy to help! 

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Most common reasons companies fail

a) 42% of businesses fail because there is no market need for their product or service  

b) Approximately 29% fail because they ran out of money

c) 23% don’t have the right team set up 

d) 17% fail because they don’t have a strong business model

- Source: CB Insights, 2018

The best entrepreneurs have a long term vision for their company

The best entrepreneurs can paint a very exciting vision of the future and the way in which their company will play a role in that future. 

Saying this they are also very good at boiling that vision down to the next most important steps to take in the business on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis that will take them toward that vision. - Source:  

You cant succeed without sacrificing your time

Empires are not built without great leaders who are willing to sacrifice time for success.  

Most billionaires are self made

After surveying 585 billionaires in 2016, Wealth X determined that 362 or 62% were self-made.

- Source:

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Take regular breaks

In order to be more productive and make more rational decisions you must take regular breaks. Step away from your desk, go for a walk, clear your head for just a moment.

Trust us,you will see your productivity increase!

Team work makes the dream work

Behind any super successful business is a strong core team. When thinking of starting a company make sure you carefully select the team you want to build with. 

One thing we often say here at WomenBossSociety ''If you don't have a great team, you have nothing''.

Make people that work for you feel valued

Create a work environment which encourages innovation and team collaboration, this will make people feel like they are part of something exciting even ground breaking (if your business/product is super innovative).

When you make people feel like they are valued and part of something, they become more innovative and work harder.

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